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Lynette Medley

Q&A With Lynette Medley, Founder, No More Secrets

by Blood + Milk Team

Lynette Medley founded No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. in 2012 with the aim of eradicating period poverty by decreasing silence and shame and increasing conversations around self-love and…

Sex + Intimacy

good sex tools

Good Sex Tools: An Interview With Dr. Nan Wise

by Kait Scalisi

Dr. Nan Wise is not your average sexuality professional. A sex therapist turned cognitive neuroscientist, she uses research to support her clients and address gaps in the scientific literature regarding…

Body + Body Image

Birth Control + Abortion


Pregnancy + Birth

black women healthcare

The U.S. Healthcare System is Hurting Black Women—Here’s How We Can Do Better

by Temeka Zore, MD, FACOG

Like many others around the world, I have been horrified and appalled at the events happening around this country. This has become more than just protests about the systemic racism…

Pregnancy Loss


spotting during menopause

Spotting During Menopause: Is it Normal? 

by Aly Semigran

Menopause and perimenopause are a time in a woman’s life marked by endings and beginnings.  While menopause technically starts 12 months after a woman’s last menstrual cycle, there are other…