25 Amazing Ways to Support Your Mental Health Right Now

For many, it is a scary, uncertain, confusing, and downright anxiety-filled time to be alive. Though there are an incredible amount of unknowns, there is one certainty: we’re all in this together. As scientists and governments develop strategies to combat the novel strain of coronavirus (COVID-19), companies around the world are adjusting to their new normals. Since the world is being asked to socially-distance themselves, this means singles, couples, and families are spending more time indoors than ever before. And as you have likely already experienced: it’s easy to become stir-crazy. And to sometimes feel hopeless, lonely and well, bored. Luckily, our favorite fitness and wellness brands, as well as psychologists, have teamed together to make this unprecedented period of time more bearable. If you are struggling with remaining positive, these (mostly) free options will bring a little joy to your home:


Daily Burn

Typically, this at-home workout company offers a free 30-day trial for new members. They are now doubling that period to 60 days, in an effort to keep everyone active. You can choose from a vast library of classes—including yoga, barre, dance, boxing and beyond. They also have programs targeted toward strength-building, weight loss and other goals, so you can follow along daily—hence the name.

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Good news if you’ve ever wanted to give Peloton a shot but never bite the bullet. The company is offering their app for free for new users for 90 days. If you have any workout bike or treadmill at home, you will benefit from their cardio-heavy workouts. Or, if yoga is more your speed, they also offer a variety of stretches, flows, and meditations.

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This low-impact, yet high-intensity, resistance-based fitness method is a fast and easy way to build strength and sculpt your body. Every Monday through Friday, instructors will stream a 15 to 20-minute workout at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST via Instagram Live. They are also offering a free 30-day access to their streaming service, if you can’t make those times work with your working schedule.

Sign up using the code OnePvolve. 

Tone It Up app

Ranging in length from ten minutes to 40, Tone It Up has gained an impressive following in recent years. They have plenty of options, including live classes and a library full of cariod, barre, boxing, prenatal, kettlebell and yoga workouts. For the next 30 days, they are offering their app for free to new users.

To take advantage of the offer, you must sign up via the App Store or Google Play.

FUEL Wellness

The question everyone is wondering—How long will this last?—is sadly one without an answer. It can be helpful to start a program from start to finish, and that’s what Fuel Wellness is offering for the next eight weeks. This donation-based experience will include 60-minute yoga classes, a private Facebook community, plus guided meditations and more. 

To join, email the founder Melissa, through her website.

Fit Body App with Anna Victoria

Another popular fitness app is stepping up to help others by extending the free trial period to new users. You can follow along with the ‘Shred’ or ‘Tone’ programs, which include workouts and healthy meal suggestions for 37 days. Why the number? The app already includes seven free days automatically, but by using the code below, you get an additional 30. Anna Victoria picked this code in honor of her Italian husband, and it translates to ‘Let’s go Italy!’

Use the code DAJEITALIA at checkout on the website

Fhitting Room

If you’re the type who does back-to-back bootcamp classes, being stuck inside may have you jittery and antsy. To the rescue are 30 days of complimentary classes from Fhitting Room. These high-intensity interval classes are anything but easy, and will definitely help you burn off unused energy. 

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Gold’s Gym

In case you didn’t know, now you do: Gold’s Gym has a personal training app, Gold’s Amp! Until May 31, they are offering this app for free, which has more than 600 indoor and outdoor workouts with audio and visual guidance. Soon, the company will also launch on-demand streaming video workouts if you want to work up a sweat with others. 

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Alo Moves

For the next 30 days, Alo Moves is providing access to free, full-length classes on their YouTube channel and app so everyone can remain active (and keep their sanity) while working remotely. Each week they release new classes—including yoga, Pilates, barre, high-intensity interval training and beyond. As a bonus, they also offer skill classes, like learning how to do a headstand, too. 

Visit Alo Moves for your free 30 days.

Sweat Factor

If you only feel like you worked out when you’re pouring with sweat, here’s the COVID-19 app for you. Appropriately named ‘Sweat Factor’ this tough, fun and invigorating class. For the next 30 days, the founder Mike Donavanki is offering more than 300 fitness classes from 30 trainers for free. If you are facing hardships due to this pandemic, he will also offer subsidized member costs after the month freebie, too.

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TITLE Boxing Club

The never-ending news cycle that’s full of stressful news can sometimes make you want to punch something, right? Now you can, thanks to TITLE Boxing Club. They are offering a free 30-day access to TITLE on Demand, full of kickboxing and boxing workouts. (Psst: if you’re cooped up at home with a pal or partner, try sparring!)

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Processing the state of the planet right now is a very tall order. Meditation can be a powerful tool to give your mind a much-needed break. In response, Headspace is offering a free, specially-curated ‘Weathering the Storm’ collection of meditation and mindfulness content. It includes at-home workouts, meditation for sleep and navigating tough times, and more. It’s available in English, French, German and Portguese. (And as a bonus, if you’re a healthcare profession, they are offering a free Headspace Plus as a ‘thank you’ for your sacrifice.)

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Counseling Collective NY

If you are New York-based and impacted by COVID-19, psychotherapist Christina Eller, LMHC is offering free 30-minute counseling sessions. Particularly, those who have tested positive and are quarantined, healthcare and law enforcement professionals and parents struggling to work from home, are encouraged to sign up. Everyone else is welcome to join a live online group chat therapy session every Thursday at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. EST. 

To join either, email christina@counselingcollectiveny.com.


One effective way to distract yourself from the madness in the world is get lost in a book. In response to the international crisis, Scribd is offering a 30-day free subscription to millions of e-books, audiobooks and magazines. 

To sign up, visit their website

NAO Wellness Center

Some of the best ways to release anxiety and tension is via eastern medicine practices. However, most of these are hands-on, in-person treatments and being self-quarantined doesn’t make that possible. Until now! To help ensure people find a healthy outlet, NAO Wellness Center is offering donation-only sound baths, meditations, angel card readings, reiki and more, via Zoom.

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With COVID-19, symptoms can be confusing. Not only can they take 14 days to manifest but they are also similar to the flu and to seasonal allergies. To help decrease panic, Ro is offering a free telehealth triage service to break through the fake news and provide medical advice. For free, you can fill out their online assessment and if you need it, Ro will connect you with a medical provider you can consult via text, phone or video. 

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If you struggle with substance abuse, being locked inside for an unknown period of time can be triggering. The same is true if you live with someone who has a tricky relationship with alcohol or drugs. During this time, Lionrock is offering online substance-abuse counseling, for free. 

Talk to someone now


Did you read something about COVID-19 that doesn’t seem true? Or, are you struggling to find reliable information? If so, the new and free chatbot from Healthgrades can help. The public service provides everything from a symptom analysis to answering basic questions, in real time.

You can text CORONA to 83973 or visit their site



Though many people are adjusting to life confined behind doors, for some mid-lifers and senior citizens, this is their everyday reality. TheOptimal.me is a company built around helping these folks maintain flexibility and mobility, as well as reduce stress during isolation. If you’re at home with a parent or grandparent, ask ‘em to join you on a one-month free trial. No special equipment needed.

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TONE Networks

This video-based learning and leadership development platform is targeted toward female professionals who want to supercharge their careers. Now that you are home, and perhaps, have more downtime, you can sign up for their 30-day membership for free. You can participate in live stream events, as well as receive hands-on advice from a community of women.

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For parents who are now figuring out how to balance parenting with working, every day feels never-ending. The help provides some sort of interaction, Lily Horowitz, the founder of The Core Method is offering her Kidlates program that leads children (and their moms and dads) through various workouts. You can access this, along with her adult program, for free through May 1.

To sign up, visit here, and apply the code STAYSAFE2020. 


To make your social-distancing period productive, why not think about turning that side hustle idea into a reality? EnrichHER.com is offering free online courses for entrepreneurs and small businesses twice a week.

To learn more, visit here


It’s no surprise that the events industry is suffering right now, as people stay at home, rather than partying-hardy. In response, Eventbrite has encouraged users to create virtual events—both free and paid—to encourage digital togetherness.

Explore options in your area here

Netflix Party

Rather than binge-watching alone, you can now watch a movie or an entire series with your besties from afar, thanks to Netflix Party. While it only applies to Netflix users, it’s a fun way to talk live and feel like you’re snuggled up on the couch, but from a safe distance.

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For the next two months, this company is opening up its large variety of classes and workouts to non-members. In addition to fitness, they also offer cooking videos, craft DIY guides and more. Grab a friend and go through a project together, and chat about your experience. Any type of connection will go a long way in your mental health.

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