The 8 Best Sex Toys to Spice up Your Summer

My career as a sex educator started with peddling vibrators in dorm rooms at my college. Nearly a decade later, I still view toys as one of the most powerful tools for having a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex.

That being said, no single toy is “the best,” despite what many headlines proclaim. While some toys are more popular and beloved, no one toy will work for every body.

8 Sex Toys to Spice up Your Summer

Below is a mix of my favorite toys as well as some new summer releases. All of these have a travel lock, so you can toss them in your suitcase without worrying about it buzzing through airport security. They’re also all either splash-proof (great during those two-shower days) or waterproof (for all your pool and beach sexy times).

1. Silicone Lube

Silicone lube is a must if you enjoy getting it on in the water. Yes, even if you or your partner typically gets wet “enough.” The water washes away the vagina’s lube as well as water-based lube. Silicone, on the other hand, won’t wash away. It keeps things slippery, heightens sensation, and keeps you safer from small tears and soreness, whether you’re cooling down in the shower, pool, or a natural body of water.

2. Fin Finger Vibrator

Fin is a vibrator that turns you or your beau’s finger into a vibrator, heightening every caress, stroke, and touch. Fin doesn’t look like a sex toy and it’s designed to feel like part of your body. Use it anywhere you want some extra sensation. If I was forced to choose a universal sex toy, this would be it.

3. Stronic Real Pulsator

If you prefer toys that appear more realistic, the Stronic Real Pulsator looks and acts like a real penis. Instead of vibrating, it “mimics the sensation and movement of penetration.” It looks like a penis and thrusts like a penis, so it must be a penis, right? The size and shape stimulate your internal clitoris too. Use it solo or combine it with your favorite external vibe like…

4. The Touch (Kait’s all-time favorite)

The Touch, AKA my favorite vibrator of all time. It’s slim enough to hold in your palm or slip between bodies during all sorts of partner sex. It’s the perfect size to stimulate you or your partner’s clitoris and vaginal opening at the same time. And it’s quiet—as in, it won’t wake your partner if you use it while they sleep next to you. Not that I know anything about that

5. Petite Vibrating Rimming Plug

When a butt plug that mimicked rimming debuted a few years ago, we sex educators were excited but skeptical. We’d been duped before by toys claiming to mimic oral sex. To our surprise, the toy was amazing—but big! Thankfully, there’s now a Petite Vibrating Rimming Plug.  This smaller version has all the same perks—rotating beads to mimic rimming, a vibrator in the tip to stimulate either the prostate or the G-spot—in a more new-to-butt-penetration fashion.

6. Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves are one of the hidden gems of the sex toy world. While they’re fabulous for people with penises* to enjoy solo, they also make giving hand jobs easier and more fun for said people’s partners! I recommend this 3D sleeve. It’s lightweight and discreet—most people think it’s some weird modern art piece when they first see it! It catches everything so there’s no clean-up. Most importantly, it feels really damn good! Lube it up, slip it on, and then stroke, stroke, stroke…or watch your partner do it while you enjoy yourself.

7. The ATOM Cock Ring

Cock rings help people with penises stay harder longer. Vibrating cock rings provide additional stimulation to the penis-haver and their partner. The ATOM excels at both. The vibrating part is larger than other toys, making clitoral stimulation easier during PIVand helping guarantee both partners are happy. Some people with vulvas prefer masturbating with a cock ring. They hook their fingers through the ring and press the vibration part on their clit or anywhere else they want stimulation.

8. Crystal Dildos

Lastly, I’ve recently fallen in love with using dildos (non-vibrating toys) during masturbation.  I’m physically limited on what I can use right now, but have my eye on this gorgeous Jade one. If you struggle to orgasm during intercourse, focusing on internal stimulation when you masturbate helps build your pleasure potential in your vagina. Crystal dildos are also fabulous for releasing tension in the vagina, though I don’t recommend doing this without the support of a professional (I support my clients in this work as do pelvic floor physical therapists).

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*Using language like this acknowledges that not all people with certain genitals are the gender that was assigned to them based on those genitals. Some men have vaginas, some women have penises, and some people, regardless of genitals, identify as neither male nor female.

Featured image by Yuris Alhumaydy

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