8 Ways to Make Your Winter Sex Life Hotter

It’s that time of year where winter feels like it just won’t end. The days are noticeably longer, but still more dark than light. Having to go outside still requires layering on multiple pieces of outerwear, and really all you want to do is stay inside and cuddle your beau(s).

Even if it’s been a mild winter, the slower pace that comes after the post-holiday frenzy invites in more time for hibernating and deepening your connection.

In that spirit, here are 8 cozy winter sex games to steam up your sex life—and your windows.

Sexy Truth or Dare Pick-a-Sticks

These sticks feature 100 seductions to heat up your love life in the bedroom and beyond. Each stick has a sexy truth on one side and a sizzling dare on the other. Use them the traditional way for foreplay, alternating pulling sticks and fulfilling the truth or dare. Or, for a fun twist, have one of you pull a stick in the morning and surprise your beau with the dare later that day. The truths are also a fabulous way to jumpstart conversations about your sex life and desires without the pressure or stress of “we need to talk.”

Make that tea work double-time

Are you a tea fiend throughout the cold months? Bring your favorite cuppa to the couch as if you’re curling up for some cuddle time. Instead, swirl it around your mouth before going down on your beau. The extra warmth feels great for people of all genders—plus it’ll help warm you up!

(Re)Learn your turn-ons

Strip down and take turns exploring each other’s bodies from top to bottom. Play with different sensations like licking, scratching, tickling, kissing, sucking, massaging, tapping, pinching, and more. This sexy date night in helps you learn more about your turn-ons and turn-off, plus you never know where it’ll lead!

Bonus points if you incorporate warmth into your explorations. This massage candle made of shea butter and soy oil makes that easy to do. Alternatively, heat up your favorite lube or massage oil (we heart this organic one) with a hands-free lube and massage oil warmer.

Take some time to Tango

We don’t mean the dance. There’s nothing cozier on a cold wintry evening than having everything you need for a spicy staycation delivered right to your door. That’s where Tango delivers.

Tango Kits are a curated-for-you intimate experience in a box for couples to play with and explore. The best part? These science-backed exercises actually guide couples to spark intimate communication and deepen intimacy. Tango offers a variety of Kit experiences for couples at any stage of their intimacy journey, whether they just want some slow reconnection or are interested in spicy exploration—and they release a new themed Kit experience every quarter. 

Strengthen your intimacy with conversations that build trust, openness, and vulnerability

Get ready to ignite more passion and fall in love again! Packed with 150 conversation starters, the Intimacy Deck helps you spark deep and meaningful conversations that bring you closer together.  

Whether you’re starting a new relationship or reinvigorating an existing one, use the Intimacy Deck to talk in a way that strengthens your relationship for the better. Pick a card, ask your partner the question, and see where your conversation leads. You might be surprised by the twists and turns your discussions take. 

Similarly, Closer is a card game that’s played with and for each other. The grand prize? Quality connection and feeling proud that you got vulnerable with each other. For many people of all genders, connection is key to sex and Closer Cards help you get there. 

Explore your fantasies-however wild or mild they may be

Salsa Cards are wonderful for connecting with our partner—romantically or sexually—at the pace you choose. Use the cards to help you develop rituals and comfortable ways to talk about sex. The cards are divided into three sections—mild, medium, and hot—to explore a variety of romantic, intimate, and spicy fantasies. 

Do a custom sex challenge

A quick google search reveals tons of done-for-you challenges; however, we think it’s best to create one that fits in with your schedule, budget, and desires. Start by individually filling out a Yes/No/Maybe list like this one I created. Then make a date to talk through your lists. Make a list of four things you want to try and experiment with them for a week at a time. Not only will you try something new, you’ll also create some fun new memories to giggle about for years to come.

Trying new things together is a great way to add adventure and build connection

These types of everyday adventures energetically and physiologically bond you and help you feel more connected to each other. This alone can spice up your sex life—nevermind keep you warm through the dreary winter months.

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