Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury

Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury are the co-founders of Needed, a nutrition company on a mission to empower women to understand and meet their needs before, during, and after pregnancy. Both lifelong nutrition enthusiasts, Julie and Ryan met as next neighbors at Stanford’s graduate business school. They became fast friends and quickly realized their shared passion for nutrition. During this time, the two realized through nutritional testing that they were both hugely deficient in several key nutrients that are critical for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. They dug into the research and learned they were far from alone—over 95% of women are deficient in nutrients like Omega-3 and Choline, and most prenatal vitamins fall far short of optimally nourishing women. So, they created Needed to help women understand their needs through expert-curated educational content and at-home nutrient testing, and to meet those needs through supplements that truly work. Needed is a pending B-Corp with a mission of improving nutritional access for every woman, regardless of means. Learn more at thisisneeded.com.