Liz Andolong

Liz Andolong is an embodiment, and intuitive coach, Usui Reiki Master, yoga teacher, meditation and breathwork guide, always looking for new ways to get embodied and connect others with the healing she believes is within every body. A “seeker” since birth, she’s always been curious about how to live the most empowered life and honoring the imperfect and messy sides of our humanity. She believes in the power of healing touch, getting together in community, and loves creating spaces to do so: offering international retreats, local and virtual workshops, book clubs, meditative hikes in nature, weekly restorative classes, and monthly moon circles, all in the name of reconnecting ourselves to our innate, higher powers. Her offerings are always to simply create space for you to notice, unwind, and come back home to your most authentic self by incorporating breath and intuition as one’s greatest teachers. When she isn’t holding space for others, she indulges in her love language of food, films, and writing. To learn more about her work, please find her at or @theirreverentyogi.