Cannabis Lube Improved My Endometriosis Pain—and My Sex Life

Cannabis lube, already making waves in the bedroom thanks to its pleasure-enhancing and orgasm-stimulating effects, has purpose and power beyond simply feeling good during intimate moments. It’s a wonderful ally in helping decrease pain associated with sex, especially for those struggling with menstrual-related issues including endometriosis.


In the 1990s, scientists discovered endocannabinoids, which are natural, cannabis-like molecules produced by the human body. The main function of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is to maintain bodily homeostasis, and these endocannabinoid receptors are present throughout the body. We now understand the ECS is involved in many processes, including pain, mood, stress, immune function, reproductive function.

Endometriosis affects one in 10 women worldwide and has prompted many who suffer from it to seek alternative therapies, such as cannabis for managing chronic pain. Ongoing research shows that the ECS is directly involved in uterine function. This suggests a promising direction for the development of new treatments targeting the ECS for alleviating pain in women suffering from endometriosis.

As the new frontier for women’s health, cannabis and its medical benefits have inspired several companies worldwide to launch entirely new product lines focused solely on cannabidiol (CBD)—with intimacy cannabis oils and sex lubes quickly helping to break taboos around discussing painful sex and intercourse. Two such companies, Apothecanna and Foria Wellness, recently launched personal intimacy oils containing cannabis and therapeutic oils that are specifically designed to enhance sensation and pleasure while decreasing physical tension and pelvic discomfort.


As a women’s health specialist, I find myself having more frequent conversations with women who are seeking natural remedies for endometriosis pain or menstrual-related discomfort, especially when it comes to sex. Until recently, there’s been a desperate void in the modern sex apothecary, leaving women deprived of sexual pleasure and convinced that pain rules their lives—inside and outside of the bedroom.

Cannabis lube, one of the top-selling products that flies off the shelves of my local wellness boutique, has increasingly sparked curiosity—and rightfully so. As someone who regularly experiences menstrual-related discomfort associated with endometriosis, I can certainly attest to the role that cannabis has played in helping to reclaim my sexual pleasure and improving symptoms of chronic pain.


Like countless others, I’ve lived the vicious cycle of emotional and physical discomfort that fed frustrations and beliefs that my body was incapable of pleasure—and that living with endometriosis would therefore be a lifelong burden, sexually and otherwise. In addition to my own experience, I’ve met several women who  have felt consumed by a sense of defeat in their bodies, not to mention a complete lack of a sex drive and the fear that we are incapable of developing intimate relationships with our partners.

I recall the specific type of stress that accompanied my several attempts at trying to explain endometriosis to my current partner, and an even greater stress that came along with the physical and emotional pain that interfered with our ability to enjoy intimacy and sex. As other couples struggling with similar issues may agree, working through these difficult moments has its own frustrations, but the commitment and support of a loving partner is imperative to this process. Rather than dismissing my words and my pain, he educated himself about my condition and how his role in our relationship could be more supportive, while remaining dedicated to finding ways to pleasure me.


Keeping an open mind to sexual experimentation, it was our initial foray into cannabis lube that brought me immediate relief during a painful endometriosis flare-up. My partner initially used the lube during foreplay as a vaginal massage technique to relax my muscles, but things quickly turned into a full-blown sexual experience that left me, and my vagina, feeling deeply pleasured and relieved. The intensified orgasms that I experienced (which, prior to cannabis lube felt extremely difficult to come by) provided an incredible emotional release that further inhibited any lingering ounce of pain in my body.

With continued and regular use of cannabis lube during both sex and vaginal massage, I noticed improved menstrual cycles and a reduction in endometriosis-related pain. As a result, this renewed appreciation, respect, and confidence within my own body has allowed me to more openly communicate my sexual desires and needs to my partner, especially during those times I fall victim to endometriosis pain.

I now unabashedly receive and enjoy intimate pleasure from my partner, and encourage others suffering from endometriosis or any other menstrual-related pain to know that sexual pleasure is possible—whether or not you’re currently in a committed relationship. Experimenting with cannabis products for personal pleasure and as a way to better understand the map of the body, including your vagina, may be the beginning of a journey toward self-healing and relief from pain.

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