Cannabis Lube Could Be the Secret to More Female Orgasms

Women are getting screwed in the bedroom. A recent survey identified a “pleasure gap” present in many heterosexual relationships. In the survey, 91 percent of men said they climaxed during their last sexual encounter, compared to only 64 percent of women. Men also didn’t seem aware of the discrepancy: 85 percent of them said that their last female partner had in fact orgasmed. Luckily, a clued-in partner and some innovative sex products can change this. Specifically, the emerging cannabis wellness market is addressing female sexual pleasure. And cannabis lube might just help women achieve orgasm equality.  

Why Cannabis Lube Is Different than Regular Lube

Instead of compensating for a lack of natural vaginal lubrication, cannabis lube is designed to encourage arousal. In other words, these products can actually turn you on. “When THC is absorbed vaginally, it works as a vasodilator, enhancing sensation and increasing blood flow,” explained Rachel Washtien, co-founder of the intimate oil company Quim Rock. “Whereas traditional personal lubricants work as supplements to your natural lubrication, cannabis infused lubricants actually increase your body’s natural vaginal lubrication,” she said. The result is less pain and more pleasure.

This innovation could be the female answer to Viagra, which has been used to enhance male sexual arousal for decades. Viagra leads to an influx of blood flow to the penis. “Similarly, our intimate oil leads to an increase of blood flow to the female sex organs, creating the increased libido effects that exist in so many male-focused products,” Rachel Washtien said.

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How Cannabis Lube Works

Research has shown that marijuana may have a positive impact on your sex drive. Quim Rock’s intimate oil combines the aphrodisiac powers of cannabis with tea tree to create a sensual and therapeutic formula. In fact, their cannabis lube only has three ingredients: coconut oil, cannabis oil, and tea tree oil. According to Washtien, this final product will increase your libido, enhance sensation, and increase natural lubrication. But the tea tree oil also makes it a vaginal health supplement that can help prevent UTIs and yeast infections.

So how does cannabis lube make you feel during sex? Ashley Manta, who runs the lifestyle brand The Cannasexual, describes the sensation as mildly cooling. “After waiting the recommended amount of time, she said, “I used a vibrator and had an explosive and powerful orgasm. Then another.” Even women who don’t typically need a lubricant are fans of the heightened sensitivity. As for male partners, the penis does not absorb cannabis the same way as the vagina. But it may give a partner a light buzz if they perform oral sex on a woman who has applied it. And it is rapidly absorbed through the anus.

The Difference Between Cannabis Lube and Regular Lube (Aside From the Obvious)

Unlike regular lube, which you would likely apply right before you have intercourse, cannabis lube can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to kick in. Quim Rock’s Washtien likes to think of it as foreplay for your foreplay. “Our cannabis infused lubricant is intended to be used not only during sex, like most commercial lubes, but at any point to set the mood,” Washtien explained.

“Women are able to have a real experience of pleasure rather than focusing on the goal of orgasm,” explained Dr. Shannon Chavez, a sex therapist in LA who recommends cannabis lube to her patients. “There is a mind-body connection when it comes to sex and a big mental barrier for women is getting in the mood and feeling erotic,” she continued. Dr. Chavez believes that when a woman has positive sexual experiences with the aid of cannabis products she will have more overall sexual desire and awareness around her own needs. “Positive sexual experiences lead to more pleasure and libido,” she said.

Cannabis Pleasure Products to Try

Quim Rock’s current offerings are oil-based, but they’re planning to expand the product line soon to incorporate products that can be used with latex condoms. The brand Foria also has a cannabis-infused intimate massage oil (called Pleasure) available in California, Colorado, and Canada. In addition, Foria’s Awaken line is available worldwide, since it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties.


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If you’re looking for other ways to work weed into your sexual routine, check out dosist. While it’s not cannabis lube, dosist creates vaporizer pens that deliver a precise dosage of cannabis for a specific effect. Among their offerings are arouse by dosist and passion by dosist, created to enhance sensuality. With so many options available, you can do your part to close the pleasure gap.

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