You know the woman: She’s always fundraising for her favorite cause, proudly posted on Instagram her “I Voted” selfie, and texts the group chain articles on how to help marginalized groups. She’s passionate, well-informed, and has a heart of gold. With presents for her that double as ways to help others, we’ve rounded up the perfect gift guide for the advocate in your life:

gift guide 2018

  1. Soma water bottle, $30, where, for every bottle purchased, a donation is given to support safe drinking water projects globally.
  2. Onomie cosmetics bag, $10, to remind her of her brilliance and beauty while supporting She’s the First, a nonprofit that sponsors first-generation female high school graduates in low-income countries.
  3. Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister, from $17.70, to remind her that sometimes it’s OK to be mad but that we need her to keep fighting.
  4. A Giving Keys keychain, $28, so she remembers to breathe—or whatever her mantra is. Every purchase helps create employment opportunities for someone transitioning out of homelessness.
  5. Cora’s Fearless Necklace, $48, so she can fashionably show her solidarity for period equality. For every necklace purchased, Cora will give a year’s supply of sustainable sanitary pads to a girl in need.
  6. Nisolo’s Lori Tote, $168, ethically made in Peru, the Lori Tote is the perfect carry-on for her flight to the Women’s March this January.
  7. Pela phone case, $39, the world’s first truly sustainable phone case is also 100% compostable. So when the time comes to upgrade to a new model, she doesn’t have to add to landfill.
  8. Thirty One Bits’ In the Night Striped Throw, $92, because her decorating budget is usually spent helping others. This throw is made with a cooperative in Uganda that provides dignified work opportunities and skills development specifically for women living with HIV.

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  • Another great company to support that gives back for a great cause is Sackcloth & Ashes!!! They donate a blanket to a homeless shelter for each blanket purchased!

  • I absolutely love these recent gift guides! I caught this Advocate-minded post as well as the Expecting Mother one… What a breath of fresh air during the crazy, all-consuming holiday season.

    I will be purchasing gifts for others (and myself) from these suggested retailers/designers/lovers.


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