Have You Tried Cora’s Ultra Soft Body Cloth?

We’re a busy bunch here at Cora. In addition to creating organic tampons and pads that women can trust, we’ve donated more than two million pads to girls in need and launched a content site dedicated to giving you the best period advice—and advice on, well, all things women’s health. And we’re constantly scheming about how to improve the experience of life in a female body for women everywhere.

We’ve shared lots of information about our tampons and the innovation behind our period and bladder pads, so I was excited to sit down with Emma Sandrolini, who manages Cora’s product development, to learn more about one of our most beloved products: the Cora body cloth.

What’s a Body Cloth and Why Did Cora Make One?

According to Emma, “When we thought about the future of Cora and our impending launches, we wanted to make sure we created a full offering for our customer. Liners and ‘wipes’ were among our most highly requested products.”

We noticed many wipes were marketed in a way that we, as a female-founded business, couldn’t get behind. Case in point, when’s the last time you saw a product suggesting a man “freshen up” down there? For me, it’s never, and I don’t see why the onus for “fresh” smelling genitals should be on women alone. We saw an opportunity to create a product women wanted—but a safer, and jeez, less judgmental, version.

Cora body cloths

So, our team set out to create a multi-faceted body cloth—for a post-yoga “shower,” camping sex cleanup, and, hell, I’ve even used one to wipe my greasy keyboard after a “working lunch” (pizza).

TL;DR: We made a wipe for women on the go, to use for just about anything. Emma says, “Whether for wiping down your hands after your commute or using our body cloth as a quick replacement for a shower, we knew we could provide a better solution for her. When you think about an average day on your period or not, you’re busy—and our cloths provide that safety net.”

What’s in Cora’s Body Cloth?

Let’s start with what’s definitely not in our body cloth:

  • Glycerin (attracts yeast)
  • Paraben (unsafe preservative)
  • Polysorbate 20 (unsafe preservative)
  • Phenoxyethanol (unsafe preservative)
  • Synthetic fragrance (unknown ingredients)
  • Alcohols (dries out your skin)
  • Petrolatum

Just like our pads and tampons, our body cloths were developed “vagina first.” According to Emma, this means “first and foremost they were to be pH balanced and glycerin-free, as well as made without irritating synthetic fragrances and harsh preservatives.”

Cora body cloths are Leaping Bunny Certified, which means they’re never tested on animals. Our ultra soft body cloths are made of sustainably sourced bamboo and are infused with coconut oil, lavender essential oil, red raspberry leaf, and aloe vera. They’re also pH balanced, which is super important when you consider how most vaginal wipes are designed and marketed to “clean” your vagina.

Emma explains, “Women are taught that their vaginas are dirty, so they foam up or use chemical laden wipes to get ‘clean.’ This is a total myth, as vaginas clean themselves. A healthy vaginal pH lives in the 3.8-4.5 range, so it’s slightly acidic. Harsh cleansers can raise your vaginal pH above its healthy range, and that’s when you become more susceptible to infections. Glycerin is not an unhealthy ingredient, but it shouldn’t go anywhere near your vagina as it attracts yeast. Coconut oil replaces that moisture element so your lipid barrier is safe and not stripped, and was formulated to not disturb the pH.”

Cora tampons and body cloths

Where Can I get Cora Body Cloths?

You can add body cloths to your Cora subscription at any time. If you’re creating your subscription for the first time, when you get to the third checkout screen, you’ll see an option to add individual packages or a pouch of wipes. We recommend the individual sachets for the woman on the go, so you can throw a few in your gym bag, keep a few at work, etc. If you plan to keep them in your bathroom at home, a pouch of body cloths is probably your best bet. Just want body cloths? We’ve got you covered over on Amazon.

The Cora team is dedicated to providing women with healthy, natural products for period management and beyond. Is there a product you’d love to see our team develop? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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