You’ve likely seen headlines this week splashed with Brett Kavanaugh’s name. He is President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court seat left open by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Today, as hearings begin to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, we’re talking about him on Blood and Milk is because of the speculation regarding his potential opinion and impact on Roe v. Wade. This ruling is critical to a woman’s right to choose, which we believe is imperative to the discussion around women’s health.

If you want some quick reads on Judge Kavanaugh, here are some articles we recommend to get yourself up to speed:


  • From ABC News: Public Split on Kavanaugh, views on abortion access shift. A look at how Americans feel about Kavanaugh’s nomination. “Six in 10 Americans also say Kavanaugh should publicly state his position on abortion before being confirmed. And there’s a substantial shift from 2005 in views on how the court should deal with abortion access – fewer say it should make it harder to get an abortion, more say the court should make it easier.”


  • Listen to today’s episode of “The Daily,” “A 30-Year Plan to Transform the Courts.” This 30-minute podcast episode outlines the historical context shaping Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and probable appointment to the Supreme Court. “It starts to dawn on conservatives that the courts are behaving in ways that are hostile to their own interests…There was just the culture of the legal profession, which, beginning in law schools, they felt tended to have a liberal bias. By its very nature, you were going to have these law schools produce more liberal lawyers. And the second thing they believed was that Republican politicians and presidents weren’t necessarily thinking about conservatism when they picked supreme court justices.”


  • From Slate: Hello, Justice Kavanaugh. Farewell, Roe. A look at Democrats’ responsibility for stopping Kavanaugh and saving abortion. A speculation on what the coming months and years might mean for a woman’s right to choose if Kavanaugh is confirmed. “ If, today, liberals could channel a fraction of the outrage they will feel after Kavanaugh overturns Roe, they would have a shot at keeping him off the court. Instead, their relative apathy toward his impending confirmation has likely doomed reproductive rights for at least a generation.”


  • From Vox: Dianne Feinstein at Kavanaugh hearing: Roe is about more than abortion. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) spoke on Tuesday at Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. “Feinstein said in her opening statement at Tuesday’s hearing, the judge’s record indicates he would likely be willing to overturn the landmark 1973 decision. Doing so wouldn’t just strike an enormous blow to reproductive rights in America, she pointed out — because of Roe’s role in American law, overturning the decision could also threaten marriage equality and other freedoms.”


  • From The New York Times: Brett Kavanaugh on the Issues: Abortion, Guns, Climate and More. An overview of the issues and cases Judge Kavanaugh has addressed. “To be sure, Judge Kavanaugh’s history on the bench is not a perfect guide to the approach he would pursue if confirmed to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom he once clerked. Appeals court judges are bound to obey Supreme Court precedent, but justices are free to vote to overturn past rulings.”


  • Why are (mostly female) Democrats angry? From BBC: Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh hearing mocked by ‘mob rule.’ The article answers questions like, why is the nomination contentious? And, what did Kavanaugh say? “The mostly female demonstrators shouted out that Mr Kavanaugh would allow President Trump to pardon himself. Others claimed the judge would let people with pre-existing medical conditions be stripped of medical coverage.”

Have you read any interesting or thought-provoking coverage of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and hearing? How do you feel about what’s being said regarding his stance on reproductive rights? We’d love to hear in the comments section.

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