Meet Maude: These Female Founders Want to Make Sex Better for all People

Maude, a modern sex brand aiming to make sex better for all people, recently released its first line of sex essentials. We talked to the founders, Eva Goicochea and Dina Epstein, about what makes Maude special and how the sex industry is changing.

B+M: There are a lot of issues you can “solve for” with sex. Maude’s focus, correct me if I’m wrong, seems to be on ingredients that won’t harm your body and inclusivity. How did you land here? (For example, you could have gone very feminist and it seems you have actively chosen not to.)

Eva: We’ve both always thought that sex essentials should be approached in a more human way—meaning, not so “gendered” or complicated—so that people have the opportunity to integrate sex into their lives and feel comfortable and happy about it. So many of the products out there feel juvenile or overtly sexual which ends up alienating many people (and creating a sense of guilt or shame) and it made no sense to us that was the approach by the majority of the companies out there. So, from that perspective, we set out to create essentials that feel thoughtfully elevated, neutral, and really well-made to speak to this really universal need/want. Sex is human, simply put.

B+M: How did you decide which products were essential? Were there any runners up?

Dina: We knew that the idea of “essentials” was tricky because what matters most to each person can be so different so we looked at what makes sex enjoyable and safe and then landed on the core products. Then, we created the Build A Kit system to allow people to really craft their own personal experience. We had a few other pieces that we tested, some that didn’t make the cut, and some that we’ll be releasing soon. Stay tuned.

Maude signature kit

Maude Kit 7 with the Cora signature kit 

B+M: I love that vibrators are included. The orgasm gap is real! What else can women do to ensure their equal pleasure and comfort when approaching sex and intimacy?

Eva: Well, we designed the vibe to be your go-to, every day toy and for many people, their first toy. But just calling it a “toy” makes it seem like an add-on. Women, your orgasm is not an add-on. It is absolutely just as important as your partner’s and we encourage you to explore the ways to achieve that. Our advice is to approach sex and your own sexual self-care as any other wellness practice: Give it time, focus, and know that the benefits of knowing your body are both physical and emotional. Sex is good for you! Orgasming is great for you. Make time.

B+M: I read a Vogue article that included this conversation with you, Dina: “Since word about Maude has gotten out, she has fielded thoughtful, if overdue, questions from old-guard competitors in the industry, “like, ‘Hey, is what we’re doing not working [for women]?’ I’m sure that they’re asking for lots of reasons,” she says—profit among them. “But the fact is now they’re asking. That’s such a positive thing.” Tell us more?

Dina: We aren’t here to destroy the sex industry. We want it to grow and evolve and hope that Maude can be a leader in the space, and an example of a company that puts the evolving needs and wants of our customers first.

B+M: Blood + Milk is all about transparency and honest stories and advice. What advice about sex and intimacy would you give the modern woman?

Dina: Never be sorry for expecting better.

B+M: What’s next for Maude? What’s next for the future of sex?

Eva: We are getting a ton of requests to expand outside of the U.S. so to all our international friends, we will be there soon! As for the future of sex, that’s up to everyone, but for the first time in a long time it feels like better things are coming. A new morning is here.

We’re giving away a Cora Signature Kit (with three month’s supply of tampons) and Maude Kit 7 (vibrator, condoms, and organic lubricant). Head to our Instagram account to enter!

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