Peanut Founder + CEO Michelle Kennedy Shares the Top Pregnancy Struggles We Need to Open Up About

Everyone always talks about the beauty benefits of being pregnant—the glow, shiny hair and stronger nails…they discuss pregnancy like it’s an Instagram filter! This is not the experience I had with either of my pregnancies. Luckily, there’s a place where moms are getting real about the struggles that come with pregnancy. In fact, having a platform for these kinds of discussions is a major reason I created Peanut, a safe place for women to connect, confide in, and learn from like-minded women.  

Through this community, moms can have an open dialogue about what they’re going through, including experiences or questions they may not even feel comfortable talking about with their friends or family. I experienced the power of this community firsthand when I opened up about some less-than-glamorous physical changes that happened to my body during pregnancy. 

Through the power of collective experience, I uncovered solutions and natural remedies to my four biggest pain points, which I’ve found are actually quite common among expecting mothers.

1. Feet and leg swelling

I experienced swollen feet and legs during my second pregnancy. Luckily, some mamas on Peanut suggested forgoing ice and instead opting for a diabetic sock, combined with elevation. Total lifesaver!

2. Hair loss

For hair loss, many mamas suggested Biotin vitamins with collagen. You might also try using coconut oil on your hair at night, massaging it into your scalp for about a minute and then running it down through your ends. The massage stimulates hair growth and the coconut oil strengthens existing hair.

3. Popped blood vessels from extreme bouts of sickness

This one is probably the scariest of the pregnancy side effects I’ve experienced. Amy Schumer and other celebrities have recently discussed suffering from popped blood vessels on social media, so I knew I wasn’t alone. Eating a little, and often, even if you don’t feel like it will help to keep nausea at bay.

4. Piles/Haemorrhoids

For these uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy, my Peanut mom tribe swears by Epsom Salt soaks and Tucks pads. 

While there are many seemingly embarrassing things that can happen during pregnancy, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It can happen to anyone, and women have been experiencing these changes for all of humanity. What’s important is remembering you’re not alone and that there are places where you can get the raw, honest truth and solutions from a community of moms who have been through it all. 

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