Period Management Advice From the Cora Team

At Cora, we talk about periods all day, every day. We swap tips for cramps, which foods to eat and avoid, irritability, a heavy flow, essential oils, our favorite heating pads…you get the idea. Here, we asked Cora’s bleeding team members to share their best advice on making your period not only a less dreaded time of the month, but maybe even a time for self-care and reflection.

Molly Hayward

“First, begin to track your cycle. If you need help with it, there are a lot of great apps that can help you do it. Give yourself the space to learn the specific nature of your own cycle, including your period. If you experience depression before or during it, being conscious of that will help you move through it with more self-compassion and ease. If you experience pain before or during your period, experiment with what eases it–whether it be rest, sleep, a hot water bottle, peppermint oil on your belly, hot tea. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to work with the pain, find its meaning and purpose, and not try to simply avoid it.” –Molly, Co-Founder

Megan Lierley

Tracking my cycle (I didn’t start until I was 29!) has been a game changer for me. I’ve long suffered from PMS, with a couple of particularly rough days where I feel super anxious and depressed. These feelings used to seemingly come from nowhere and I’d find myself miserably slogging through a HIIT class or group dinner. Now, I have historical data to show me exactly when those days will fall each month so I can plan accordingly. On (what is usually) the 28 and 29 of any given month, you’ll find me curled up on my couch, indulging in Netflix binges, and taking some serious, guilt-free time for myself.” –Megan, Head of Content

“Tracking my cycle helps me better manage my moods and body as my hormones shift throughout the month. Because I keep track of how I feel month-round, I know that the days of my actual period are the least of my problems. Instead, I’m most bloated ten days prior to any bleeding, with a day-long headache arriving five days later. So, I manage my social and exercise calendar accordingly, wash my favorite lounge pants ahead of time, and have a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips at the ready.” – Gia, Marketing Manager

Puja Patel-Rios

“My cramps are hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll be hunched over in fetal position and sometimes I’m completely fine. Also, I hate taking pain medication or supplements. So for some quick pain relief on those horrible days, I’ll fill up a water bottle with super hot water (from the tap is fine, no need to warm it up further) and sit it on my lap for 20 minutes or so. Quick relief without needing to take meds and easy enough to do almost anywhere.” – Puja, Head of Growth

“Moving my body during my period makes me feel better. Hot yoga in particular gets blood pumping through my whole body and helps release the frustration and moodiness I often feel during my period. I’ve also had a friend encourage me to lean into those heightened feelings during my period and let it reveal whatever it needs to, so I can shed more than just my endometrium every month.” – Ashley, Head of Creative

Emma Sandrolini

This is usually a time where I indulge in what my body wants, and I don’t really care. I just do what I want for the most part, and I have an easier time saying no. I like alone time more on my period, and generally need more rest. Also, a face mask never hurts.” –Emma, Product Operations Associate

“For the past few months I’ve really struggled with a heaviness in my breasts. The feeling comes on about ten days before I actually get my period. It’s frustrating, and somewhat painful, but it’s also information. I’ve just turned to acupuncture as a way to engage with my body’s natural cycle and encourage a more holistic flow. After just two visits I feel lighter and more myself.” Meg, Editorial Fellow 

Elisa Massenzio

“While it may be tempting to reach for heavy comfort foods, those will only make you feel even worse in the long run. This is the time to eat those foods that keep you feeling good all day, like a fresh salad or a banana whose potassium will help with bloating. But some good dark chocolate (I like 85%) has plenty of iron and it’s delicious too! Oh, and don’t forget to exercise!” – Elisa, Graphic Designer

Featured image by Tabata Roja; Cora team photos by Ashley Peak

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  • My cycle is similar to Gia. I get cramps or a day long headache that used to be migraines. I’ve been able to counter the migraines by taking ginger root in addition to my daily vitamins. But now that I’m older, I have discontinued taking birth control pills. I’m trying the non hormonal IUD. It’s still new to my body so I think with the side affects of longer periods, my sensitivity to things like smell, air quality, whatever, are intensified. So now I’m trying to adjust my diet with less meat and dairy and hopefully my spells of headaches/migraines will decrease or go away all together. Thanks for the informative articles and discussion!


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