Sacral Healing + The Importance Womb Healing (Part Two)

This is a two-part interview; to read part one first, click here

Chelsea Etienne is a healer based in Canggu, Bali. Her mission is to work with women and help them heal their feminine center, also known as the womb space or sacral chakra. We asked Chelsea for her top tips for healing a sacral chakra or womb center imbalance.

Be mindful when it comes to sex

The womb is the most sacred part of the body, and when we merge into someone else’s energy sexually we are absorbing all their energy, all their trauma, all their pain; so are you willing to exchange that and have that person’s energy within you? And now that I really honor that sacredness, I don’t have sex with people unless I really trust them and know them. And also as women I know we need to feel safe to really orgasm and have a good time. And some people can get to that state where they just don’t care, but oftentimes they are drunk and just numb to it. I feel like sex is super healthy, but as long as you trust [your partner] and are aware of what you’re doing. And [it’s important to] remember that when you [have sex], you’re merging energy, and that energy is in you for a long time, until you really cleanse it out. 

Often times we aren’t looking for sex, we are looking for intimacy. Most girls would probably rather have someone sleep over and just cuddle them. They’re looking for intimacy and connection, they’re not looking for sex most of the time.

Making sure someone honors your heart before you have sex with them is important because women release the love hormone when we have sex with someone, so we can’t help but feel a connection, whereas a man doesn’t release this hormone during sex. So finding someone that honors your heart first is important.

Sleep naked to help promote comfort with yourself and your body

It’s really important because you need to have that connection to being comfortable with yourself.

Fully embrace self-pleasure

This is a big one because people can’t have good sex if they can’t pleasure themselves. If you don’t make the time [to find out what you like] or don’t know how to, how can you expect someone else to? So light some candles and create a sacred space for self-pleasure.

Try this exercise: place your hands over your womb and gently bounce up and down

My teacher recommended this exercise, and if you do it every day, I can promise you’ll notice a change in your hormones, cycle, and an overall balance in your feminine energy. Try it for about 20 minutes every day.

Start by offering love and compassion towards this space, thinking sweet things, and then transition to thinking of bad memories associated with this space and letting out animal-like screams or shouts to release the negative energy that may be stored. Then return to happy, sweet thoughts, of desserts, creating positive feelings towards your womb space.

Do a daily naked mirror meditation

Look in the mirror and say things you love about yourself, affirmations, in the mirror so you become comfortable looking at yourself naked. The sacral chakra is all about the relationship with yourself on every level.

Get creative

Using your creative energy, try art or writing or dance. Dancing is really powerful, dance every morning, every day.

Be playful

Everyone’s so serious, even I am so serious, I try to be more playful all the time. The feminine energy is all about surrender and play, so you have to be in a space where you can play with people, not just be serious—that’s the yang energy, or the masculine energy.

Stay emotionally self-aware and practice self-love

Because the sacral is a connection with yourself, it’s about knowing your emotions and how you feel. I meet so many people who are so disconnected from themselves that something bad or sad happens to them and they’ll completely brush it to the back of their mind, and get on with their day, and this completely disconnects them from the relationship with themselves. They’re not listening to themselves, nurturing themselves, or truly being there for themselves. So I recommend journaling, meditating, and self love rituals which are great for every chakra, but for the sacral chakra, it really helps you build that relationship with you.

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  • Hello there,

    I am thinking of having womb healing. I am based in London UK how do I get in touch with Chelsea for more information and healing?

  • Hello Sarah!
    Can you be so kind to clarify bounce up and down – this means jumping or in lying down position you take your hips up and down.
    English is not my native language
    Thanks a lot

  • could you please explain more how to bounce up during exercise or you only meant feeling high vibration energies?

  • Hi, I would also appreciate some clarification on exactly how to perform the exercise described. Thanks!


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