Sex Horoscopes: The Best Position for Every Sign

If you’re keen to read your horoscope in search of answers, predictions for the future, and warnings of Mercury’s inevitable retrograde, you’ll be curious to know that each sign rules various parts of our body. Because of this, there are certain sexual positions that are appealing to some, while others are a turn-off. Astrologers are quick to reiterate that many aspects contribute to our kinks and our sexual appetite—including our Mars and Venus planetary positions—but some factors can be determined simply from the date you were born.

No matter if you want to spice up your typical routine, dabble into the bedroom of a new lover, or perhaps strengthen intimacy with your partner, consider this your universe-guided to the best sex, ever: 

Aries: Quickies

March 21–April 19

Full of energy and a competitive nature, an Aries doesn’t stop moving—no matter if it’s in their career, daily life or their sexual preferences. Amy Zerner, the co-author of Astrology for Wellness: Star Signs Guides for Body, Mind & Spirit Vitality explains this sign rules the head, brain, eyes, face, and muscles. “Aries loves a challenge and has a will of steel. They are pioneers and like to be first, so they won’t wait to orgasm,” she explains. This can be good or bad news, depending on what star sign you were born under, since Aries isn’t exactly going to linger in extensive foreplay or romance. That being said, they are an ideal partner for a good ole fashioned quickie—like a quick romp in a restroom at your friend’s party, on an airplane, or well, anywhere. 

Taurus: Long love-making

April 20–May 20

If you want to work your way into the heart—and ahem—bed of a Taurus, celebrity astrologer Kristin West recommends stroking the back of their neck. Not only will it get this bull raging for sex—but since they rule the neck, throat, ears and tongue, they won’t leave any part of your body untouched once the party gets started. As West explains, they appreciate any partner who pays attention to their erogenous zones and aren’t afraid to explore deeper, linger longer, and fully intertwine. They benefit the most from extended foreplay, followed by super-close sex positions, like spooning. West says Taurus like to be touched and kissed throughout every sex session, and will return the favor to their loved one, too. 

Gemini: New positions

May 21–June 20

If you are a Gemini—or you love one—you know they aren’t exactly efficient at making decisions. They tend to flit from one interest to another and are sometimes overwhelmed with choices. This makes them enjoyable, unpredictable, and exciting in bed—and an ideal match for anyone who prefers to keep things spicy. As Zerner explains, this gregarious sign rules the arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs and nervous system (whew!)—so they are always moving from one part of the body to another. “They bore easily and it takes a versatile, inventive, and flexible partner or partners to keep their boat afloat,” she continues. You probably won’t do a wham-bam-thank-you-m’am with a Gemini, but if you do, the next night, it won’t be the same tango. 

Cancer: Oral sex

May 21–June 20

Good and bad news for anyone who dates a Cancer: they always put others first… but they are also highly sensitive. This means you can pretty much guarantee your needs will be met in the bedroom—and that your Cancer partner will care deeply about the words you use to describe the romp. Zerner explains this water sign rules the breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, lower ribs, womb, and pancreas, making them innate nurturers and hard-wired to do what they think their partner needs. If you’re part of this birthday group, make sure to never forget about your own desires either, and take time to ensure you are satisfied. Zerner says it’s not a coincidence that the symbol of Cancer resembles a ‘69’ on their side, which is meant to be an image of crab, but actually indicates what they crave for optimal sexual satisfaction: mutual affection and pleasure.

Leo: Role play

July 23–August 22

Every day is a new adventure for a Leo—and they are always the leading star. As Zerner explains, Leo rules the heart, upper back, spine, spleen, and wrists, and many have a dynamic energy that evokes play. Sex isn’t just something to ‘check off’ on their daily list, but a performance they lead—and they expect an applaud afterward. Zerner stresses the importance of a Leo’s partner to pay ‘em compliments and be vocal on how they’re enjoying romps, otherwise, their ego will be smashed. West says Leos are also often up for a challenge—and are likely to engage in sex outside of the traditional bedroom. She suggests role play or doggy style for this sign, and perhaps even taking a cue from lions in the wild by adding gentle scratching, biting, and grooming for maximum pleasure. 

Virgo: Sensual doggy style

August 23–September 22

More often than not, Virgos get a bad rap for being fussy, perfectionists, and sometimes, overly critical. Though this can be annoying in some instances—say when you have a boss who is a Virgo—in other ways, it can be beneficial for both parties. Because they care about their partner’s needs, as well as their own, they ensure satisfaction between the sheets. They rule the sympathetic nervous system and lower digestive tract, so they may even get a little nervous before engaging in intercouse, making foreplay essential. As West explains, Virgos are far from prudes and actually show off their secret sensual skills when they feel comfortable. Many Virgos will enjoy being submissive, so doggy style might be an orgasmic position for them. 

Libra: Mutually-beneficial positions

September 23–October 22

As you can probably gather from the symbol of a Libra, balance is essential for this star sign. They seek harmony and happiness and shy away from confrontation at all costs. Zerner explains Libra rules the lumbar spine, kidneys, and adrenal glands, which could explain why they are likely to get stressed out if something is off in their sex life. Because beauty is important to them, they are likely to set candles and pay attention to the mood of the room. “Libras don’t like anything harsh or dirty which can be a problem for some of the other signs,” she continues. “Their favorite positions are those where both partners are enjoying themselves equally.” You can expect to try many positions with a Libra—slowly and controlled, of course—to find the right one for both partners.

Scorpio: Anything S&M

October 23–November 21

Zerner puts it best when she describes the desires of a Scorpio—they don’t need sex, they are sex. Arguably the most sexual of the zodiac, it’s no surprise they rule the genitals, bladder, and urinary tract. They want to be in control, they yearn for intrigue and mystery, and they are likely to seek after adventurous and unconventional sexual experiences, like S&M or multi-partner play. “Scorpios understand the power exchange that is at the heart of the sex act and ‘the little death’ moniker Hindus use to describe the orgasm,” Zerner explains. If you’re up for a wild ride of pleasure, a Scorpio is a solid partner to explore your fantasies with. Just remember, their total immersion in the experience is ruined if anyone speaks, so be prepared for submission, Zerner warns.

Sagittarius: Spanking, please

November 22–December 21

While some folks are turned on by their ears being nibbled or their neck being kissed, it’s all about what’s below the belt for a Sagittarius. As West explains, this travel and freedom-loving sign is ruled by their hips and thighs, making these areas super-sensual and sensitive. Because they tend to be open-minded, curious, and adventerous, you likely won’t have a lot of sex with a Sag in the bedroom, since West says they mostly consider it their home base, not the only place to get jiggy with it. Because it’s surprising, thrilling, and ignites their passion, most Sags would enjoy giving or receiving spanks. As with anything between you and another person though, make sure you receive consent before popping a bottom.

Capricorn: Anything with intimate touch and reciprocation

December 22–January 19

You’re in luck if you fall in love with a Capricorn, since they apply the same mental dedication to their partners as they do to their careers. They are ruled not only by the bones, joints, knees, and teeth, but also the skin. West says a Capricorn craves physical touch, and is likely to look forward to snuggling with their partners before, after, and even during sex. They may also enjoy gentle nibbling—and prefer sex to be slow, sensual, and beneficial for their partner. As Zerner shares, they are determined and they pay attention to clues so they can recreate orgasms for their number-one in the future. They are also open to feedback in either direction, so don’t be shy in asking questions or explaining in detail your lusts. 

Aquarius: Freedom to explore.

January 20–February 18

You definitely can’t tie an Aquarius down—but you can probably tie ‘em up in the bedroom. This air sign rules the circulatory system, ankles, Achilles, calves, and shins, and by definition, they are non-conformists and inventive thinkers. They crave freedom in partnerships, and sex is no exception. While Zerner says many appear cool, calm, and collected, they are actually thinking up wild and crazy things they want to test. They are the type to try various positions and costumes, all in an effort to keep things interesting. West says they bounce between submission and dominance, and they’re are open to the sometimes-complicated positions that reach their g-spot for an amazing orgasm. 

Pisces: Gentle sex—and foot play

February 19–March 20

No matter how hard they try, Pisces are sensitive souls and will respond to any criticism or critique. Because of this, Zerner says they definitely lean more toward a gentle, soft lovemaking rather than anything raunchy. It’s important for a Pisces to pipe up under the sheets, since many times, they can be so self-sacrificing, they never benefit from orgasm or pleasure. While this is good news if they date someone who prioritizes their partner’s enjoyment, if they’re with an incompatible sign, they might feel neglected. It’s also important to note the fish sign rules the lymphatic system—and the feet. “Sucking or nibbling on their toes could be highly erotic for them,” West adds. Missionary is a solid go-to for a Pisces—especially with reassuring eye contact.

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