What to Register for When A New Mother is Born

Baby registries typically lean into their namesake in that they’re all about what the baby! But what about the mama that was just born? It’s so common for all of the attention to be on the mother while she is pregnant, but once the baby comes, the focus often shifts entirely to the little one. A freshly postpartum mother not only has a new baby to care for, but her own new body to protect, heal, and nourish. Her concept of time and internal rhythms fluctuate wildly as the days and nights merge. Her sense of self is evolving once more to accommodate the dramatic shift from an expectant mother to the caretaker of a very tiny, precious, needy human. 

No matter if a new mother is having her first baby or her fifth, the act of giving her intentionally chosen gifts to support her through the early postpartum days is an investment in both mother and baby. If the mother feels stronger, well supported, loved, and connected to others, she will be better prepared to meet that baby’s every need.

Here is a list of items to nourish and protect a new mother, both inside and out. Maybe it’ll spark a new wave of “Mama Showers”!


Everything on this essentials list is meant to cover a new mama’s most basic needs for taking care of and protecting her body after the huge job it has just completed, and to support her return to physical wellness. While many of these items aren’t necessarily “fun” to buy or gift, they can be the difference between unbearable and tolerable recovery in those early days. If you’ve ever tried to take that first #2 after giving birth, you probably know how great a gift many of these items can be! Restorative tea and vitamins, warming bone broth full of collagen, nursing-friendly clothing made from soft natural fibers, and essential reads to prepare for the postpartum period are all gifts that can make a world of difference in a new mama’s life.

“Down There” Care

Pure Body Naturals Sitz Bath Salt

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads

Dermoplast Pain & Itch Spray

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

Frida Mom Medicated Witch Hazel Pad Liners

Frida Mom Ready-to-Use Padsicle

Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear

MiraLAX Stool Softener

Breast Care

Cora Organic Nipple Balm

Washable Bamboo Nursing/Breast Pads

Earth Mama Organic Skin & Scar Balm

Wardrobe Necessities

Boob 24/7 Maternity & Nursing Bra

Boob Once-on-Never-Off Maternity Leggings

Soft Pant Button Up Pajama Set

Reads for Postpartum Health

The 4th Trimester Book

The First 40 Days Book

New Mama Nourishment

Bare Bones Bone Broth

Oat Mama Postpartum Healing Tea

Rainbow Light Vibrance Postnatal Vitamin


While nothing on this list feels like a requirement for a healthy postpartum transition, these gifts will wrap the new mama in a big, warm hug. When your days are spent in a nearly all-consuming constant rotation of feedings, naps, and diaper changes, even just having a shower can be life-changing. What if that new mama could put on a cozy, beautiful new robe after her bath? Or read a favorite book during a midnight feeding without having to turn on a light? Little things like a nice smelling hand lotion, or a few quick strokes of a natural mascara before visitors come to the house can sometimes be the difference between “I’m drowning” and “I’ve got this!”

Practical Comfort

Storq Pregnancy and Nursing Lounge Set

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Scrunchie Set

Skin & Hair Care

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

B&B Pret-a-Powder Dry Shampoo

Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Hairbrush

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Eye Concealer

RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polish

Ilia Limitless Lash Natural Mascara

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask

Liquid Fuel

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Biggie Mug

Redline 8-Cup Coffee Brewer

Canyon Coffee Subscription

Lying Low Essentials

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Maison Louis Marie No.4 Bois de Balincourt Candle


Postpartum Doula

Certified Lactation Consultant

Housekeeping Services

Meal, Recipe & Treat Services

Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club Gift Subscription

Hello Fresh Meal Kits

Jeni’s Ice Cream Delivery

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