Better Sex…There’s an App for That?

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Better sex…there’s an app for that?


These days, there is indeed an app for everything! Whether you’re looking for guidance on your sexual health or to get relationship support or answers to your sex Qs, here are eight suggestions for apps that can help you find freedom in pleasure.

Sexual Health Apps

Sexual health and pleasure are intertwined. Worrying less about your health means you get to immerse yourself in pleasure!


B-wom gives you a personalized care plan to prevent or reverse pelvic health symptoms and improve your physical and emotional well-being. It can help you reduce pelvic pain, strengthen your pelvic floor (aka your orgasm muscles), and enjoy penetrative sex more.


Biem provides the easiest way to talk with a healthcare provider, get tested for STDs, share results, and get notified if a person you’ve been with tests positive in the future. You can chat with a sexual healthcare professional at a time that’s convenient for you, and have a lab tech come to your place for testing. Plus, the founder runs events with men to discuss #metoo, consent, and sexual communication.


The SAFE App makes it easy and inexpensive to get tested for STIs, and then show your verified STD status on your phone and confirm the status of your partners. You also can import your recent STD test results from pretty much any any physician, clinic or lab in the U.S..

Apps for Better Sex + Intimacy

Sex apps are fabulous tools to inspire new ideas, get you talking to your beau about sex, and connect you with professionals who provide more personalized guidance.

Gottman Card Decks

The Gottmans are royalty in the couples counseling world and this app, inspired by one of their live events for couples, is an extension of their amazingness. It offers helpful questions, statements, and ideas for improving your relationship.


Desire is a game for couples that helps you keep the romance flowing while adding fun and adventure to your relationship. Track dates, send dares to each other (complete them to earn points and get access to spicier dares), and look up dining and events to keep things intimate, exciting, and fulfilling.


You know Google isn’t always the best resource for sex and relationship Qs. okayso gives you access to experts that provide support and information whenever you need it. You ask your question, they respond, and, best of all, they follow-up later (when applicable) to see if there’s anything else they can help you with.


Juicebox connects you with sex and relationship coaches to improve communication, increase pleasure, and build confidence. The app also gives you tips, scripts, guides, and exercises, plus a forum to share stories with other users and get a dose of shared reality.


Lovely gives you highly personalized ideas and suggestions for enjoying your partner more. You can express and explore your mutual desires, get new ideas to try, and chat with sex and relationship educators about dating, relationships, pleasure, sex, sex toys, and more.

Apps are tools

Like sex toys, an app can’t solve your sex or relationship issues on its own. But they can be one more fabulous tool to help you have more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex.

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