Companies That Support Women’s Causes

Shopping is a necessary good—and evil. Everyone needs to stock up on necessities that keep their day-to-day running smoothly, but all too often, we splurge on items we don’t need. However, when we stock up strategically on our must-haves that simultaneously give back, we can feel better about our credit card bills. Whether you’re looking for a new lipstick, a cool new set of sheets, or a new bracelet for yourself or a friend, these inspiring, empowering brands give back to women and families across the globe. Whether your cause is education, equality, helping women, or all three, consider these companies: 

Help Girls Get the Education They Deserve With Ettitude

Need to upgrade your bedding? Want to have more breathable sheets for your night sweats—or sleeping next to your furnace-like partner? Enter: Ettitude. Not only are these sheets made from sustainable, high-quality fabrics, but they have an empowering mission behind their brand, too. They support One Girl not only in October but year-round. This organization helps the 60 million girls who aren’t able to attend school, due to their location, family, or cultural traditions. One Girl’s current goal is to educate one million young girls throughout Africa, and Ettitude donates a portion of their proceeds to benefit the cause.

Help Women and Children Globally With MantraBand

Ask any therapist, life coach, or you know, your mom, and they’ll be quick to remind you how important it is to pick your words carefully. And they don’t mean just how you speak to other people—but also to yourself. That’s why many successful leaders will develop a mantra they can turn to when they need to be reminded of their goals, their greatness, and their grit. If you want that daily reminder, consider MantraBand, which offers a stylish way to keep your thoughts positive and reassuring. If you happen to like one of their Charity Band options, you’ll be helping women and children around the world. Each option donates $5 to a different charity—from breast cancer to terminal child cancers—and more. If you’re Team Planet Earth (which hey, we all need to be these days), MantraBand is also a member of the 1% For the Planet and donates at least one percent of their annual sales to non-profits that protect, preserve, and restore our natural environments.

Help Moroccan Women with Kahina Giving Beauty

Considering it’s part of their name, it’s no surprise that ‘giving’ is at the heart of this luxury skincare line. Kahina collaborates with local cooperatives and NGOs to help women in the southern region of Morocco. Known as Berber women, they work closely with the prickly pear seed and argan oils that fuel many beauty brands, including this one. They practice safe labor practices and fair wages, and donate one percent of their annual revenue to the area. Some past charities they’ve donated to include Education For All, Morocco and the High Atlas Foundation.

Help Cancer Survivors with jane iredale

Founded and run by female leadership, jane iredale released a limited edition lip and cheek stain to help cancer survivors gain their confidence back. Considering the all-encompassing, devastating impact of chemotherapy and radiation, many women lose their hair, gain weight, and experience a depletion of vitamins and minerals. Though it’s a measure to save their lives, it can be difficult to feel beautiful again. When you purchase this lipstick, 100 percent of the profits from sales support Look Good Feel Better, which offer videos, programs, and other benefits to cancer sufferers and survivors. 

Support Education, Equality and Empowerment with Andalou Naturals

As we head into the colder months, it’s not just your chapped lips that will need a little extra TLC. Because your hands are exposed to snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures, they can become overly dry and cracked. To the rescue is Andalou Nautral’s Light Hand Cream, with good-for-you and good-for-Mother-Nature ingredients to quench pores. Even better, 100 percent of the net profits from every sale support women’s and girl’s education, equality, and empowerment. They’ve held this mission close to their brand for more than 30 years, and have gifted more than $780K toward socially responsible initiatives. They’re also fueling future generations of do-gooders, and awarded entrepreneur Ariele Suster the first Beauty is You Grand, since her business model for her company SEQUENCE aims to disrupt the culture of gang violence in El Salvador via education.

Help Women and Breast Cancer Research with Avocado Green Mattresses

Fun fact: mattresses should be replaced every five years. If yours is getting close to the double digits, it’s time to replace it, ASAP. When you’re searching around, consider Avocado Green Mattresses, which uses sustainable materials and supports charity, too. Every year, they donate one percent of all revenue back to non-profits, including to one of their ongoing partnerships,the Kula Project. As a result of their fundraising, they were able to fully fund the Kula Women’s Center in Rwanda, providing a safe haven for resources and development for females. In the past, they’ve also helped Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Bee Girl Organization, and various women’s shelters across the country, too.

Help End Menstruation Shame Throughout the World With Cora

Cora believes every girl deserves an education, yet millions of girls around the world miss school during their periods because they can’t afford pads. That’s why with every Cora purchase, pads and health education are provided to a girl in need. Cora uses the power of business to fight for gender equality and provide products, education, and jobs to girls and women in need in developing nations and right here at home.

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