Meet Trinity Mouzon, the Founder Whose Mission is to Bring Good Vibes to the Wellness Industry

At 26-years-old, Trinity Mouzon has created a wellness company that aims to make wellness more accessible for all people. We spoke with Trinity, CEO and Co-Founder of Golde about building a wellness brand, self-care, and the magic of superfoods.

Trinity, it’s so nice to meet you! You’ve created a wellness company that is progressive, entirely self-funded, wildly successful, and might we add, beautifully branded. Can you tell us more about your path to founding, and now operating, Golde?

Thanks for your kind words! We launched two years ago, but the backstory of the brand goes back to my earlier years growing up in New York’s Hudson Valley. I was raised by a single parent with an autoimmune disease. My mom eventually started seeing a holistically minded physician for her symptoms and saw a massive improvement. That’s when I really was made aware of the power of wellness, and I decided that I wanted to be a holistic doctor too. So I was pre-med at NYU working toward that goal when I learned that my mom had stopped seeing her doctor because she simply couldn’t afford the costs associated with holistic treatment. I realized that if I was going to do something in wellness, it needed to be for everyone. Golde was born out of my own experience as a consumer in the wellness space — I felt sort of left out from the offerings that skewed either “crunchy granola” or so ultra-luxe. We wanted to build a brand that was centered around making superfoods more approachable and engaging to today’s wellness-curious consumers.

Trinity Mouzon, CEO & Co-Founder, Golde

At Cora, we’re very choosy about the ingredients and materials for all of our fem-care products. Can you tell us more about Golde’s ingredients and sourcing?

Ingredient sourcing is a major component of our business. We’re looking for sustainable trade practices, pesticide-free growing, and the absolute highest quality. You really don’t realize until you get into this world that not all turmeric or spirulina powders are created equally. The bummer is that a lot of companies don’t seem to prioritize sourcing, so you’re paying for a product that has buzzy ingredients of low quality. In general, with the superfoods we use, we like to highlight a mix of familiar and less commonly used plants. We don’t want someone to look at the ingredients panel and say, “I’ve never heard of any of this”—I think it scares people away from trying. So with the turmeric tonic blends, we added components that were really familiar to American consumers, like coconut and ginger, to give people a little more context for what the end product experience would be. When we think about making wellness and superfoods more approachable, it’s not just cute design—it really has to go all the way to the core of the formulas.

I’m super interested in trying Golde products because I get anxious when I drink coffee (especially depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle). Aside from the caffeine-averse, who might really benefit from trying Golde?  

Ha, I’m also a bit “caffeine averse,” so Golde tonics have been great for me personally. The major benefit you’re going to see from the turmeric tonics line is a decrease in inflammation, which can impact an individual in so many different ways. A lot of consumers remark that their skin clears up and starts glowing with daily use, and then we also have people using it for gut health, immunity, or managing chronic pain. It’s also an amazing pre- or post- workout drink to help with muscle soreness, so it’s recommended for pretty much everyone.

Are there any other herbs, supplements, superfoods, etc., in addition to turmeric, that you try to incorporate into your daily diet?

We’re launching skincare very soon and the products are made with a range of 100% pure superfoods. So as of late, I’ve been playing around with putting a lot of things on my face! It’s really insane how well and how quickly these plants can treat the skin—I think it’s a serious testament to how they’re helping the body on the inside too. Some of my favorites that we’re featuring in the skincare products are chlorella and spirulina (super greens that truly detoxify like nothing else), marshmallow root (so hydrating!) and lucuma fruit (packed with antioxidants and vitamin C).

Image courtesy of Golde

Has founding a company changed your idea or rituals around self-care?

Definitely. For me, “self-care” doesn’t necessarily need to mean these lengthy, arduous rituals—it’s about building habits that help you feel your best. I’m big on making lists to keep myself organized. Also a weekly trip to the farmer’s market. There’s something so pure and peaceful about picking your food directly from the farms.

Golde aims to bridge the wellness gap. Can you speak more to what this gap looks like and how you’re trying to solve this issue?

The gap sort of sits between those two wellness worlds I mentioned earlier—the crunchy vs. the luxury. The funny thing is that the majority of consumers don’t fit into either of those categories, so there’s a really massive white space in the world of approachable wellness. As a diverse team, we’re focused on building a brand that resonates with a breadth of today’s consumers, rather than one specific niche. That means products that don’t cost more than your typical beauty purchase, engaging design (we do everything in-house), and products that are genuinely pleasurable to use. I think we’ve all had enough of the wellness products that have to be choked down or which cost more than an entire dinner for two. We really look at every element of the brand and product and say, “how can we make this feel good?”

Do you have a personal favorite Golde product (and way to prepare it)?

Right now I’m big on Matcha Golde! It has just the right amount of caffeine where my body can handle it without any negative side effects. I’ll just do the tonic blend with hot water first thing in the morning. I like to keep it really simple, and it’s so delicious that way.

What’s next for Golde?

We have an upcoming launch at Sephora, which is so incredible. To have a massive beauty retailer partnering with a Woman of color-founded wellness brand that’s centered around approachability and inclusivity speaks volumes to where the industry is headed. Also: skincare! Stay tuned for more details on that one.

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